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We strive to foster fellowship among leaders and pastors, providing valuable tools and resources for their growth and development. Through our work at ALMA, we hope to inspire and equip leaders around the world to bring about positive transformation in their communities and the world at large.

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    We focus on sharing the truth of God's word in a clear and relevant way. We offer in-depth Bible teachings, Bible studies and inspirational talks that will help you better understand God's will for your life.


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Alma is dedicated to strengthening personal and ministerial connections, fostering mutual support in covenant and prayer groups. In addition, we share continuing education resources to equip and train us in service to God's kingdom. Your generous contribution allows us to continue this important work and to acquire the new equipment and materials needed to continue spreading God's word effectively. Your donation makes a difference in our mission and helps us to continue transforming lives through teaching and training in God's word.

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